Antibody Development Service

Leveraging our expertise in antibody production, we provide you customized services for application-specific polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies used in your research. A full service is available for all types of antibody production, including steps of antigen design, immunogen preparation, antibody development, antibody purification, modification, validation, and immunoassay development.

SMab® Single B Cell Platform

SMab® (Single Cell-Based Monoclonal Antibody Discovery Platform) is an antibody discovery and development platform based on single B cell. This technology follows steps including single-cell sorting, culturing, and gene cloning of specific antibodies to produce high-quality and -specific recombinant antibodies. By incubating single B cell in optimized culture media for several weeks in vitro, the B cells can be stimulated and proliferate in vitro, then secrete enough IgG in the supernatant for primary screening.

Cost Effective

  • -lgG gene sequences
  • -Robust expression level
  • -No IP binding

Streamlined screening

  • -Guaranteed monoclonality
  • -Maintain antibody diversity
  • -Ready for functional assays

Multiple host species

  • -Rabbit
  • -Monkey
  • -Human


  • -50% shorter time
  • -High throughput
  • -20% or more positive clones

Technology Overview

SMab®-- A Novel Single B-cell Based platform for monoclonal antibody discovery.

Service Highlights

Free Antigen Design

Proper selection and design of a suitable antigen is the most critical step before getting an useful antibody

High-quality Antigen

According to project design, high-quality purified proteins or peptides will be used as antigens.

Broad Range of Species

ABclonal scientists have comprehensive experiences of antibody develpoment in broad range of species.

High Specificity

Advanced antibody develpoment technology, high standard purification system, will ensure high specificity of antibody developed for you.

Guaranteed Results

Our in-house validation will ensure good performance in requested applications before you get the antibody.

Custom Antibody Categories

Polyclonal Antibody
Development Service

We provide customized services for producing application-specific polyclonal antibodies used in your research.

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Mouse mAb Development

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have a much higher specificity and lower between-batch variability compared to pAbs.

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Rabbit mAb Development

Rabbit mAbs are produced using an advanced single cell screening and cloning technology to enhance yield and specificity.

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Modification-specific Antibody

We provide antibodies with PTMs (post-translational modifications), including phosphorylation, methylation, and acetylation.

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Service Workflow

To guarantee sensitivity and specificity, your journey starts with a free consultation with our experienced scientist and ends with your desired, application-specific antibody. Outsource your antibody production to us and save time to focus on your research.

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