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8-Tube qPCR Strip with Adapted Optical Flat Caps, Cuttable, 0.1 mL (AI02081)

Catalog No.: AI02081


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ABclonal 8-Tube Strip for PCR & qPCR produced in the ultra-high standard production workshop. The wall of tubes is more thinner and uniform, which makes the heat transfer more effective, and the sample is heated more homogenous.By advanced mold design and injection molding process, The 8-Tube Strip has higher mechanical stability and lower adsorption of samples and reagents, thus ensuring the accuracy and precision of the reaction system during the experiment. Generally, it is more applicable for qPCR or RT-PCR experiments due to the high quality.

Product Features
Free of RNase, DNase, Heavy Metals, human DNA and Non-pyrogenic. Ultra-thin tubes wall??High uniformity??efficient heat transfer. The matching optical flat cap for tight sealing to prevent cross-contamination High-quality materials and advanced processing technology Suitable for PCR??qPCR or RT-PCR. Hinged-chain offer more flexibility The highly transparent cap make your experiment more precise.
Product details
Name8-Tube Strip with Adapted Optical Flat Caps, Clear, Hinged, 0.1mL
ColorClear tube, Transparent optical flat cap
Material Medical-grade polypropylene (PP)
SkirtedHinged-chain, can be easily cutted
Well’s Number8-wells
CapacityLow profile, reaction volume : 5-125??l (recommended)
Volume Maximum volume (single tube)= 200 ??l
AdaptionBio-Rad CFX 96??CFX Connect??CFX Touch??ABI StepOne Plus, ViiATM 7, 7500, 7900HT, QuantStudio series in Fast module
Packing125 Strips/Box, 10 Boxes/Carton
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