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ABScript III RT Master Mix for qPCR (RK20428)

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ABScript III RT Master Mix for qPCR is developed based on ABScript II Reverse Transcriptase and suitable for two-step RT-qPCR detection. 5X ABScript III RT Mix contains all the reagents needed for reverse transcription reaction (ABScript III Reverse Transcriptase, RNase Inhibitor, RandomPrimer, Oligo dT Primer, dNTP and reaction buffer), and a reaction can be started simply by adding template RNA and Nuclease-free H2O.
This product is specially optimized for qPCR. The proportionally optimized Random Primers/Oligo (dT)20VN Primer Mix enables cDNA synthesis to progress from each region of RNA transcription efficiently, which ensures the authenticity and repeatability of qPCR results to the greatest extent. Reverse transcription products are compatible with SYBR Green and probe qPCR and can be used in combination with corresponding reagents according to experimental purposes for high-performance gene expression analysis.
Product Features

  • Simple operation: 5 X ABScript III RT Mix format, the reaction can be completed in one sample addition step
  • High-efficiency reverse transcription: The optimum reaction temperature is 55 ~C, which is more suitable for reverse transcription of transcripts with low abundance and secondary structure
  • Resistant to inhibitors: have a certain degree of tolerance to inhibitors such as SDS and Trizol


Product Information

Product Components

Components10 RXN (20 μL/RXN)100 RXN (20 μL/RXN)
5X ABScript III RT Mix40 μL400 μL
Nuclease-free H2O1.25 mL1.25 mL X 2


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