The impact of paper waste

The impact of paper waste is often overlooked. People may not know that it takes 24 trees to make 1 ton of newspaper and 324 litres of water are used to make 1 kilogram of paper. According to Environment Canada, of the 6 million tons of paper and paperboard used annually, only 25% are recycled. Paper waste accounts for more than 1/3 of all wastes in the country. Of all trees harvested for industrial use, 42% go to making paper. Clearly, we need to make some changes to save the environment and the planet through reducing paper usage.

The original intention and goal of ABclonal's upcoming “Go Paperless, Go Green” project

ABclonal has always been sticking on sustainable manufacturing and environmental protection. Throughout our development, we have implemented many eco-friendly initiatives and successfully kept our waste of resources down. To better protect the environment, we would like to invite more people to join our initiative. If everyone just save 1 piece of paper per day, 9.2 million trees and 1.5 million tons of water will be saved. Would you like to work with us on it?

What exactly is the "Go Paperless,
Go Green" project?

ABclonal plans to implement Paperless Project to reduce product datasheet hardcopy. Since last year, all our product information and datasheet are updated in real-time on our website, and everyone can easily search, view and download. If you have purchased or are planning to purchase from us, you can follow below steps to find our product datasheet:

  • 1.Visit our website
  • 2.Enter the Cat.No. (e.g. AC026) in the search engine
  • 3.Click “Datasheet” below the product name to view and download

To promote this project, we need your help!

ABclonal has always been a trusted friend to our customers. We know this project may cause some inconvenience to you and the success of this project relies on the collaboration of everyone. Thus, we want to hear your ideas through below survey. Please share your thought with us. Thank you very much

Would you like to support our Go paperless, Go green campaign?